Jewellery Remodelling

Our highly skilled jewellers work diligently in Diamond Valley Jeweller’s workshop to give you the best Jewellery Remodelling service;

  • We can work with you to help design and remodelling your old jewellery
  • With our remodelling service, we can restore and perform Antique Jewellery Restoration Gold, Diamond and Gemstone Recycling

Bring your old or damaged jewellery into our Diamond Valley Jeweller’s Showroom and we can discuss the jewellery remodelling options for giving it new life.

Here are just some examples of Jewellery Remodelling projects we have completed for our valued clients.

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It’s been sitting in your draw or tangled up in the bottom of your jewellery box.

Years of memories, special occasions, inheritance, gifts or “What was I thinking!” purchases.  It’s time to make it new again.

If it is simply damaged or needs a clean up and you still love it, bring it in and we will return it to its former beauty.

Other items you may have gathered that no longer suit your style, evoke memories you would rather forget or are just plain ugly.  We can make all of that beautiful again too.

The great thing about recycling your unwanted jewellery is that the gold, diamonds or gemstones, once a part of your old jewellery, may be re-used and will offset part of the cost of the finished piece.

All work carried out in the Diamond Valley Jeweller’s Workshop is backed by our Diamond Valley Jewellers 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Drop in and have a chat about your old jewellery.

All quotes are free and you will be surprised just how affordable it is to give new life to your tired or out of date jewellery items.

Click Contact Us to find our location. Or call 03 9465 6111 to discuss your jewellery repair or remodelling requirements.

Our team looks forward to working with you to create your dream jewellery.

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